‘Yellow jersey promotes prostitution’: Officials cry foul over riders’ clothing choices


In return for their support, they say, cyclists receive free bus rides, free admission to museums and grants to support their businesses.

For years, the discipline has given Brazil a sense of national unity, which is why news about a yellow jersey seen on two young men emerging from a stream in a remote town on the Pampas has provoked a deafening chorus of horror.

One man, Jose Luis Cesar Alves de Oliveira Luiz, was sent to the United States for psychiatric care after the cyclist Luis Felipe Pinto Bruno’s female cousin claimed the two were the murderers of her sister. A judge ruled there was a reasonable suspicion that the man had participated in the killing and is likely to face charges in Brazil.

“I think the Yellow jersey and the L’Oreal model promotes prostitution and drug use,” the mayor of the town of Chiria, Virgilio Da Silva Lopes, told local media. “This is certainly not the Brazil that is appealing to the rest of the world, especially the USA.”

The yellow jerseys have come under fire from some, arguing that they promote unattainable ideals, which only perpetuates the image of a country with rampant violence and misogyny.

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