The 2016 World Superbike champion who just crashed his bike at over 150 mph is the most unlikely of winners

On Thursday, the 27-year-old motorcycling race champion William Buick, better known as “Wild Bill,” crashed his Suzuki into a bridge at over 150 mph on an airport runway in Germany. Somehow he survived, and is recovering at his home in a nursing home. In the aftermath of the frightening incident, Wild Bill made a comeback in the MotoGP season finale on Sunday, sending his fans wild with disbelief.

And this is how my hero will win again 💖

The comradery between William’s family & his team has given me new hope! — Darren Drake (@DarrenDrake) November 25, 2017

“I’m not going to be normal anymore,” the race’s late starter said, confirming a long-held belief that the motorcycle world’s least likely champion could turn out to be the most unlikely.

#WildBill gave new hope to the #MotoGP world this year and I hope he inspires all other aspiring motorcycling professionals 🙌🏻 — Chris Shultz (@ChrisShultz) November 25, 2017

Wild Bill has been behind the wheel of a bike since 2010, when he was racing for Britain’s Motegi Racing. His path to the top of the sport was a bumpy one, as he was banned from racing in 2013 for failing to reveal that he’d tried to buy a home in Sweden. In 2015, he was back racing on Motegi’s factory bike, but ran afoul of an elbow injury that kept him out for a year. And when he returned to racing in 2016, he was second from last in the standings after four races. (This year, he finished 11th.) But he told CNN that his new team, Honda, was fundamentally different from the past.

“Everybody has really put in a lot of effort to make it happen, to get me the chance to go on the grid and race,” he said. “They just haven’t made the rest of the team get nervous about winning races, so that was new for me. This year, I’ve done my job, the team have done their job and now it’s the team’s job to just deliver, and they are doing that.”

For his part, Wild Bill has also a legacy to live up to. This month marks the anniversary of his momentous win at Mexico City’s infamous Thunderhill Raceway. On Nov. 13, 2015, he raced his Suzuki 680 mph around the circuit to secure a breakthrough victory, and in so doing set a new U.S. record for 24 hours of motorcycling time. “I was racing within myself, honestly,” he said. “I was pushing myself to the limit so far and not really having any problems. I had no issues with the bike and the team did a brilliant job on getting the right components, but basically I was prepared for the max.”

Wouldn’t want to bet against him!

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