K-9 Killers: Winter Storm One Year Later

My Wednesday Briefing has the winter storm headed our way: here’s the rest of the news for your Wednesday morning …

K-9 Killers. A police-dog mauled and killed his handler in an El Paso, TX apartment complex Monday morning, and now the suspect, 47-year-old Michael Evans, is in custody.

Three Boston bombing suspects were killed by police, two brothers “exploded some homemade devices” nearby, and the police “went through his pockets,” a federal official tells the Globe. (Boston Herald)

British authorities say a Pakistani-born student who reported being the suicide bomber in the London Underground on Friday was never linked to the attack. The London force says he was an employee of the company hired to perform surveillance footage.

Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, says it shot and killed 47 suspected terrorists on Monday, after apparently breaching their weapons cache in the mountainous area of southern Saudi Arabia known as Al Baha, according to the BBC.

Summit of Champions. Hours after blasting him, former President Barack Obama issued an 11-point plan to address gun violence after the Parkland, FL school shooting, meeting with gun control advocates in Chicago, for the first time in several years. A spokesman for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said a Jeb-Obama camp can see what he’s doing.

Re-opened the Frozen Pizza Diet. Bloomberg was offering people the chance to lose weight in 30 days if they eat a lovable knock-off of an American restaurant’s popular dessert. You’ve gotta love that. The winners: Sarah Diclofano, 34, and one of her husband’s friends.

Legal assault on tax reform? It was a great idea if the White House would’ve just lifted the moratorium on regulations. Instead, the White House issued a directive that if a rule burdens businesses, especially small businesses and businesses employing less than 25 people, it can be lifted by October, three months early. Obama-administration officials say it’s a cleverly timed move that will allow them to work out rules they have been unable to implement in the meantime. (Washington Post)

Trump picks old flame to try again. Scott Pruitt, the former Oklahoma attorney general, who’s now the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, had long been romantically linked to a lobbyist named Marlyn Davidson, who works for the fossil fuel industry. Pruitt’s married to an Air Force veteran, and in 2016, he made headlines for dating Ashley Diggins, a musician with an Oklahoma band. Davidson is suing the state of Oklahoma over the Clean Power Plan. (Washington Post)

Grisly murder. Khirri Johnson was making his way home from the 2010 football game when he was gunned down with fatal bullets in his leg and back. The Florida community of Valdosta is reeling. (WCTV)

Fox News reporter on explosive allegations against her husband: I think it’s honorable and kind of noble that one wishes to divulge his adulterous affairs in an honest way rather than dragging someone out and destroying their reputation for gain. “Fox & Friends,” Tuesday

Inside a deadly courthouse. The former chief justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and judge at the very time Justice Falk readies to preside over his upcoming trial of teen murderer Damien Echols, has suddenly filed for separation from his husband. (NBC Okla.)

Trump vetoes spending bill. President Trump is expected to sign legislation reauthorizing funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, a federal program helping 20 million people, only to veto it on the grounds it didn’t keep spending as lower as he wanted. (Fox News)

Noom! Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a Yale graduate, was called upon today to read a long Supreme Court’s decision, involving slavery and key cases involving old Dred Scott, that was handed down in 1857. (Associated Press)

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