Yes, Elizabeth Holmes is still in the news. For all the wrong reasons.

This year’s Times crossword puzzle has just launched online — check it out by heading to the website and trying all the solvers you can find. What is odd, however, is that one crossword puzzle in particular was set this month by none other than the enigmatic Dr. Elizabeth Holmes. It’s part of a puzzle called “Tale of the Halyard,” and reads like this:

I am Elizabeth Holmes

We will appear in the telegraph later

But look out your window

H. R. Halyard will blow out his fuse

Holmes, currently best known for her stint as CEO of Theranos, is expected to return to the stand on Tuesday, December 12, two days after the court in Newark, New Jersey, hears closing arguments in her suit against financier and investor Bill Ackman and two hedge funds. The former Stanford professor is seeking to recoup more than $400 million in losses she lost after joining forces with Ackman — then the largest shareholder in Theranos — in a Hail Mary effort to convince skeptical investors and the scientific community to back her controversial blood-testing startup.

Despite the scale of its early backers, Theranos’ technology still to this day has not been proven to be as effective or trustworthy as it once seemed. In 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that its tests did not in fact indicate when tests should or should not be performed. And when the Journal published its bombshell story, some experts even went so far as to call them “frauds.”

Holmes, in turn, has since conceded that she knowingly misled the public in the run-up to the Journal’s report. She now insists that the company has since built up its capacity to monitor its own labs and that any current failures were specific errors made by the company’s own workers rather than by their systems.

If Holmes is successful in her comeback Tuesday, her return to court will undoubtedly result in a new round of press for the embattled executive. But so far, it seems that the CEO’s career continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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