What you probably didn’t know about Ronaldo, Pogba and Bale

Goal! breaks down how the dream lives on

by Adrian Durham

If you see a kid trying to copy Paul Pogba’s hairstyle, it’s more likely that a Frenchman is his inspiration than someone from anywhere else in the world.

After all, these are the people who have exported everything from soccer to fashion and dabbing.

According to former France player Laurent Blanc, they even do football perfectly.

Indeed, they are the real ones, as named by Premier League player Jesse Lingard, who was caught copying the Man United star’s signature haircut for FIFA 18.

The Manchester United sensation himself admitted: “He (Pogba) is a really good friend and I always watch how he works. The hairstyle is quite similar, but the main thing is he is not only a good player, he is a good person.”

It seems one thing everyone knows about Wales’ new hero Gareth Bale is that he’s very good at something. But who knew he was quite the strength and conditioning coach as well.

The Real Madrid forward revealed in an interview with fansite OK Diario that he had taken an extra season out of his career because of becoming a trainer.

“I started doing strength and conditioning. I started after I left Roma and I took another year off because I thought it was something that I would want to continue doing as a career,” he said.

“Since I had been doing fitness and strength training for so long, I thought why not train as well. When I was still 18, I thought that maybe I could go to America for a year to continue my fitness but I had another year left at the Bernabeu and was happy to do that. Then I started on strength and conditioning and had two more years left at Real Madrid.”

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