WATCH: #Brexit delay is official. Here’s how British voters feel

poster=”″ true The beeping on Sajid Javid’s jacket is hard to explain. It’s now official: Brexit vote delayed.

Javid is the U.K.’s Home Secretary, so naturally he was the minister in charge of Brexit. As a cabinet minister, he’s part of the country’s negotiations with the EU, though it wasn’t that long ago that he was one of the fiercest opponents of a “no deal” Brexit, lambasting Theresa May’s plans for a looser relationship with the bloc as more damaging to the British economy than a “managed no deal.”

The beeping on his jacket sounds like a toy catcher that’s been turned on a child, but real beeps and gurgles sound like the sweat dripping off your brow. Could be that the UK is run by a millennial who didn’t get a massage after a difficult exam, either.

Nevertheless, this is a strange piece of news, as Javid had just spoken about a government-sponsored report that concluded the impact of leaving the EU without a deal would be more damaging to the British economy than staying in. Of course, the report’s authors said Britain should leave the EU whether we like it or not, “necessarily leaving” any economic blow to the country. But in an interview with a parliamentary committee last week, Javid reportedly thought it would be better to leave the EU than fail to get a deal. In other words, Britain was running scared of leaving the EU, and its humiliated population would be left unable to feel safe, while costing taxpayers in the end.

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