The women behind Chelsea’s ‘match of the century’ talk social media and fans

Jess Carter and Magdalena Eriksson, the duo who helped Chelsea host Tottenham Hotspur in their opening Premier League game of the season, discussed the use of social media and facing up to their fans on FIFA 17. The two women also talked about their experiences working at different clubs and are making a documentary, Jess & Magdalena’s Chelsea With the Clock Beating

You guys speak through your Twitter accounts – especially Magdalena, her bio includes the words “Gamer, Gator, Feminist, Paparazzi.” But what do you think of using social media to perform your professional work and discuss personal experiences?

MAGDALENA ERIKSSON: I really didn’t have an opinion on it before that. But actually I think it’s a great thing for women, especially sports stars – to be able to express themselves publicly and to express themselves publicly really freely. Not only will I be criticised, but I’ll also be applauded.

JESS CARTER: I do think it’s really important for a player’s social media presence to be used for the best of both. What I’ve always tried to do is, for my personal politics, I always feel it’s absolutely important for me to educate my fans. And I’ve always – what’s great about social media – and having an account that’s more like personal interest – so that I know that I can easily educate people as well as my fans, because so many people aren’t really really educated on feminism.

It’s interesting as a feminist to follow a professional female player. But what’s one thing you think could be improved for female players who may decide to keep their sexuality private?

ERIKSSON: The problem I have is that women – and especially female footballers – can feel a bit lonely out there at times. I think social media can be a great help for women, but I think it needs to be a great blessing, for sure. Because it can be so lonely out there.

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