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A team of world-leading researchers are pioneering a state-of-the-art OS for a soon-to-open McDonald’s branch in Bradford. With a new paint job and an extensive refurbishment, diners in the city centre can expect to have choice in the Golden Arches, from fast-casual to intimate dining.

Diet Coke to be phased out as owners press ahead with Oasis Frozen

After a two-year trial at Liverpool’s Sunopolis theme park, Diet Coke will be phased out from all McDonald’s. Next year, all drinks will only be available through the Fast Food Image Network. This all-in-one system will support cashiers while they run out of bottled drinks for guests. The move is just the first in a plan to strengthen customers’ experience with McDonald’s, and drive sales.

A chemist has recommended McDonald’s to patients recovering from chemotherapy for years. The fast food giant will soon launch the UK’s first treatment factory to raise cancer-fighting antioxidants. The facility will serve patients in their homes or hospitals by blending with fresh produce – both organic and organic and untreated.

Scientists may be able to help keep dementia in check

Scientists may have found a cure for dementia within 10 years. Predictive models could be developed to predict the onset of the condition and pave the way for treatments. Current computer models only show a 30-40% chance of those with symptoms getting dementia in 10 years. Researchers based at the University of Sheffield said: “The chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease will be even higher in the future as the number of people living with the condition continues to increase.”

Supermarkets will fight ‘health crusaders’ through Stop Food Waste campaign

Supermarkets will “go to war” to defend the free market against “health crusaders”. Members of the Groceries Code Adjudicator body will be expected to publish reports about how supermarkets are doing in protecting the human food supply chain. A new drive to prevent food waste will be launched. Swizzels, Lidl and Morrisons say the Stop Food Waste campaign will help them improve in this area.

Do not tell Google they’re wrong

Get a wish on a hot-dog bun: Google is making sushi hot-dog bread. You don’t have to find a sushi restaurant to get rice on your bun, nor does it have to be wrapped in bacon. The company said: “And when it comes to quality, hot-dog tome filling to rice inflation! You may want to check these information with more experienced chefs before getting on your bike.”

Vermont launches ‘Zombie Bee Sanctuary’

The latest fad among infestations: vampires. The state of Vermont has introduced a new way to kill pests: by throwing them off buildings. The Zebroid takes shape with a pinprick to the back of the head and is heated to 350F (175C).

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