The art of buying a faux fur coat: Q&A

This collection offers something for all tastes and budgets. The materials have been sourced locally, which gives an authentic look, and the fabrics are in bold prints to add some texture.

Fashionistas should check out the unique T-shirts, hats and more. The designs are boldly bright, and it’s a wonderful break from the runways in Paris.

1. The honeycombed leather purse, available in blue, green and grey, is a great gift for all girlfriends on your list.

2. If you have teenaged friends, this vibrant scarf will make them a part of your fashion-forward choice.

3. The tights paired with the crochet shirt and fedora keep cool on a hot day. You will also be making your friends and family jealous of your perfect fit!

4. The blogger draws a great “winged lion” design on a blue “poutine” patch. This will look great on baby girls, young women, women and men.

5. This strappy dress is easy to accessorise and will be a great find for all you are hunting for special party dresses to go.

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