Texas Republican Ted Poe leaving Congress to work for Trump media company

Frustrated that he’s stuck in a line of leadership role behind an unpopular president, Texas Republican Ted Poe has announced his resignation from the House. He will join the Trump family’s media company, The Daily Caller, run by son-in-law Jared Kushner, to do actual reporting.

Poe, a former prosecutor and congressman, will be The Daily Caller’s newest columnist and will make his journalistic debut Thursday, and says he will be “writing nearly daily for an online version of the newspaper called Red Alert.”

Poe says he’s eager to debate policy with reporters, rather than with presidents in the traditional sense, and will host a media roundtable twice a week on Red Alert. He tells Politico’s Byron Tau that he’s going to have plenty of time for his new job: “I have no stake in Congress or the presidency or anything like that.”

To Poe, a 50-year-old former actor, author and activist, Trump is worth it for the opportunity to serve his county on the national stage.

“I just feel like I’m ready for something different,” Poe tells Politico. “There are many issues that I’m passionate about, and being close to him, you get a sense of his depth of thought, and his encyclopedic knowledge of a lot of things.”

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