Some readers find Merkel’s new cabinet a step back for women, while others are ecstatic

When this cute millennial magazine posted a story on how German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to form a cabinet with a cabinet-to-be men for the first time in history, it made a lot of waves around the world. The phrase “Guido Grindel calls it a ‘historical event’ that will shift the world “” resonated with readers around the world. Many readers had a lot to say on Facebook, Facebook groups and elsewhere about how it was a big step forward in female empowerment. One Facebook user even took a picture of herself in a newsstand with her 9-year-old niece and wrote: “We still have a lot of work to do”

Nine years after entering office, Merkel did not form a center-right or center-left government, and she did not install a quota for women in her cabinet. Some were disappointed in her choice for finance minister, who is the first woman to serve as head of Germany’s central bank. Merkel said the choice of the former Bundesbank chief was a guarantee for the stability of the German economy and the euro, but it was widely considered a mistake because of the Fed’s accusations last year that German officials had helped bank bailouts in the U.S. undermine growth.

“A stoush ensued between the Federal Reserve and German Finance Ministry officials over if and how all bailout programs should be treated as clearly constituted fiscal transfers that would in turn trigger German constitutional amendments, which were specifically banned to protect individual rights,” the German newspaper Die Zeit wrote. “This is to say, [the Fed’s criticism] was intended to discredit the chancellor of Germany who makes good decisions, but on the contrary, it has strengthened her hand.”

The women in the cabinet include a number of men who have previously worked with the chancellor. This may be the only chance she has for several years that women in Germany will make up 50 percent of her cabinet.

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