Police Commissioner on Alec Baldwin after ‘Misfiring’ radio interview

Alec Baldwin has yet to hear from NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton himself, after the actor apparently “misguided” a radio interview earlier this week.

The former “30 Rock” star stopped by the Andy Calloway Show on the Hot 97 radio station to chat about his role in the HBO film “The Deuce”, and got embroiled in a heated debate over the 1984 mass shooting of eight people in Central Park.

Baldwin, one of the victims, defended himself after the hosts on the show asked him about going on “The View” and “I Have a Dream” speech in 1964, both of which he criticized as being “not real”.

The actor then said the police commissioner would be “fortunate” if he “didn’t run” from the media, prompting phone to background noises, screaming and Baldwin appearing to cry.

Hosts Andy Calloway, Funkmaster Flex and DJ Envy condemned Baldwin over the comments, and the NYPD issued a statement saying “A tweet by Baldwin erroneously states the NYPD is assisting The Deuce production. That is not the case.”

Commissioner Bratton did not go after Baldwin directly on Twitter, but stopped by with the @NYPDONeill account for a photo with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Host Flex said the NYPD “we didn’t like the interview”, while host Envy added, “Maybe we should hold back our criticism when we catch him.”

Later in the interview, Baldwin tweeted that de Blasio “is missing a valuable trick” and that he is “pointing fingers” at the commissioner over the Central Park shooting and defending Central Park Explorers who are serving in the military.

The NYPD’s publicist, Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis, also addressed Baldwin’s comments on Friday’s “Hot 97 Morning Show”.

“I’ve not been in touch with Commissioner Bratton,” Davis said. “(We) will let Mr. Baldwin know if we have a problem with his comments. I’ll let you know if we are upset. We haven’t been contacted. I think that Baldwin is really mischievous, but what he does is an attempt to sway public opinion.”

On Friday, a lawyer for Browne, Grant & Townsend offered a less-than-subtle response to the Commissioner’s statements on Twitter.

“Funny/Pathetic Steve, Your statement is an example of what happens when you throw down with anyone who fires their mouth instead of their guns,” the attorney wrote.

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