PHOTOS: This Danish city just unveiled its new train, and you can actually sleep in it

This Danish city has beautiful new trains – and you’ll even be able to sleep in one of them! Copenhagen unveiled its new “Commuter Bus” line, which features two distinctive “Demokrapture” cars that can transport up to 150 passengers, giving them more leg room.

Constructed from a standard domestic steel double-decker carriage, the two trains are assembled and welded together in an atmosphere-controlled tower, in one piece. When complete, they’ll each measure 35 meters (about 125 feet) long, 19 meters (about 68 feet) high and weigh 60 tons. A bus on wheels!

They’re powered by clean compressed natural gas (CNG) and can travel at up to 150 km/h (93 mph). When the train reaches its maximum speed, for 17 kilometers (10 miles), its seven-member driverless system takes over. According to the city, you’ll wake up and go to sleep inside the Demokrapture, which still provides useful space.

On the exterior, the Demokrapture cars feature special LED lighting that projects a pattern on the walls in a smooth flow pattern. The theme is “blue, and gold,” and the train’s sides are adorned with Danish flags.

The trains debuted in January 2018.

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