New Govt Plan Details Transport History as Commuters Disconnect in Record Numbers

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling will present a detailed plan on Monday to save Britain’s battered rail network from disaster as more and more commuters go online to put in multiple, work-from-home hours and frustrated passengers grow increasingly frustrated by packed trains.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling will be at the center of the system’s future in what transport minister, Chris Grayling, called “a conundrum moment.”

A new “national connection strategy” will provide details on how the government plans to ease the urgent need to modernize the rail network as commuters rely on more highly personalized journeys.

Grayling has previously said:

“We need to understand very clearly and further put the investment plan in place.”

Touted as a way to modernize the rail system and bring in more revenue, a congestion charging scheme is in the works.

Rail fares are set to rise next month by an average of 3.7 percent, the largest increase in a decade.

The “ill-judged” cap on prices between 2012 and 2016 is widely blamed for the appalling state of the network and two decades of poor investment.

Grayling has said that the trust between passengers and operators is broken and the government is moving to replace it.

The British transport secretary’s review is due to be presented to the country’s house-building secretary James Brokenshire by the end of the month.

Grayling has said:

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