Man gets arrested after pretending to have prosthetic arm

Doctors say man, trying to get free shots for his dog, visited several GP surgeries and was turned away

A man with a fake arm was arrested after he tried to obtain free vaccinations for his dog at more than a dozen GP surgeries.

The man, 44, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested in the rural Welsh town of Anglesey after hundreds of consultations for treatment for his dog.

Police said he then walked along the high street with his prosthetic arm, hoping people would believe he had an accident and thought he could get help.

But a woman approached and told the man he could not receive treatment under “the National Health Service, not yours alone”. The man then handed back his fake arm and left the area.

Police were alerted and the man was arrested shortly afterwards after visiting several general practices. The man has been bailed pending further inquiries, police said.

The alleged incident is the latest in a string of examples of fake people attempting to get free medical services.

In May, a man admitted trying to get medical treatment by presenting himself to a primary care trust with a fake leg.

Michael Abrahams, 40, was found guilty of attempting to commit fraud by misrepresentation and theft at Mold crown court.

In March, another person was taken to court over claims they could get medical treatment for themselves and their dog without paying a penny.

The man said he was entitled to NHS treatment after he made an unexpected return to the UK from Egypt. The case was adjourned after he asked for legal advice.

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