Lakers looked a mess in their season opener against the Celtics

In their first game at home as an L.A. team, the Lakers hardly looked like a lineup that had last season’s four-game series against the Celtics for company.

On Friday night, the Lakers gave their fans just six points over the first 8:35 of the game. Everything went horribly wrong for the “Showtime” Lakers that night and the Celtics, who won their season opener in a stunning fashion back in February, took full advantage of the home team’s mishaps.

The night featured a fun array of high-level moments by both teams, but no team had a defining performance. Neither in the first three quarters nor the final few of the game, the game ultimately came down to how dominant Los Angeles was after the halftime break.

Boston didn’t let the Lakers forget about them on Friday night, though.

Their hopes of a revenge-fueled win probably would have included Kevin Garnett entering the game with about 10 minutes left, and for all intents and purposes, the fans in attendance certainly couldn’t have been blamed if they were worried.

But when KG did enter the game — just as soon as Doc Rivers called a timeout after failing to get his starters into a groove on Friday night — things changed. Without missing a beat, Garnett immediately made the Lakers chase him.

As Lakers point guard Steve Nash waited for the traditional high pass, Garnett burst in and drove to the hoop for a two-handed dunk. He was fouled, and he hit both free throws.

KG wouldn’t stop there. By going coast-to-coast, he pushed up the lead to nine with 2:41 left in the third quarter.

The Lakers finally responded to this barrage by taking the lead for the first time in the game. That would be the first of many lead changes and seven ties before Boston’s Rajon Rondo hit a three-pointer with 18 seconds left in the game to give the Celtics a four-point lead.

But it was a one-point lead they’d hold all the way to the last buzzer.

The Lakers came into the game with a youthful group and showed Friday night the kind of depth that they should be able to rely on throughout the season. Nick Young led them in scoring with 20 points, and Nash had 15 and 10 assists. Overall, the young Lakers came up with their own noteworthy individual outings. Jordan Clarkson led them in rebounds with 10, and Lou Williams had 17 points. For the Celtics, Brandon Bass, Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley each had 15 points.

The game was certainly one-sided — or “step forward” would be the better description. The Lakers jumped to an early lead and did nothing to make any Celtics fans nostalgic about the team that shocked the world four months ago.

Now, the Lakers will look to learn from what happened on Friday night and push themselves to be more consistent on the court. If they can, they can become the team that no one can stop.

By the time the Knicks and Hawks meet in Boston this coming Tuesday night, the Celtics will almost certainly be playing their second home games of the season.

But it is the game against the Lakers that will last long after the initial buzz from Friday’s game fades.

The loss leaves the Celtics (0-1) with something of a short memory heading into the fourth game of the season. After all, good teams like the Lakers don’t happen that easily.

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