Jonah Hill on late night TV: He’d ‘Put Meryl Streep in a Jail For Life’

Jimmy Kimmel is back on top of his game, but he’s got a tough act to follow.

Jonah Hill was back on late night TV late last week to promote his new movie “Don’t Look Up.” The film is a dark and darkly funny comedy, showcasing Hill in his signature voice as a school-bus driver named Will. Will must stop his employees from falling in love, after getting a call from his ex-wife to say that she’s been adopted into an equally cursed familar neighborhood.

Hill’s third movie in as many years has no shortage of dark humor. Hill plays into the asinine yet fun nature of the plot with a normal school bus driver with a terrible sense of humor. Hill dropped some wise, hilarious dialogue as the bus drivers acted out some elaborate pranks that had the bus evacuating the school as well as children and parents running out the door.

The film plays with comedy but also tackles high school romance in ways that make some people cry, too. Funny guys like Jack Black and Josh Gad give some real chemistry to the scenes.

Hill asked his fellow host, Jimmy Kimmel, what Netflix thinks of his pranks as he promotes the film. But it doesn’t look like they like it…

Jimmy Kimmel’s grilling of Jonah Hill highlights how insane and wacky the ‘Entourage’ actor is during his late night talkshows. #AcademyAwardsMoviesAnswers — Official Academy Awards (@Academy101) August 3, 2017

“I’m excited,” Hill said, when asked by Kimmel what he thought of being on the late night talk show circuit. “It’s a full-time job.”

Kimmel, who made his name in comedy on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” like his friend Kimmel, wasn’t done there.

The two played a round of “R-rated questions,” named after an Oscar category.

When Kimmel asked Hill about his new film “Don’t Look Up,” Hill joked that he felt his old “One Tree Hill” character was punished for trespassing on someone else’s property.

Kimmel continued, trying to get Hill to share some real life pranks he’s pulled on people, specifically Meryl Streep.

“You get really mean, aren’t you?” said Kimmel, of a prank that Hill pulled on the infamous “Meryl Streep prank” that garnered both front and back page headlines over a year ago.

Kimmel slipped a piece of paper into Hill’s mouth that said “If I had my way you’d be locked up in a prison for life.”

Hill, clearly not ready to crack, laughed it off.

“What happened to you?” Kimmel said.

“I think she wanted me to blow up a Starbucks,” Hill said.

Despite all Hill’s good looks and his past showings of swagger, including his role in the smash hit movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the film “Don’t Look Up” is not expected to rise to the success that his first two installments of “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express” did. His third film is in limited release, while “The Wolf of Wall Street” is in wide release.

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