Joint military exercises between Russia and the US begin

Anti-aircraft fire has been reported near the Ukraine-Russia border by soldiers in one of the three Ukrainian posts along the border. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence claims that the sounds of the artillery fire came from behind the Ukrainian side of the border in a Russian-controlled area.

The Ukrainian military says it believes that pro-Russian separatists are firing the artillery into the country in order to throw out the whole contingent of its soldiers who are apparently now returning fire. The Ukrainian government says it also believes that the rebels are trying to regain control of this border area and recapture land that they seized during the ceasefire agreements.

While fighting has been reported by local residents in the border area, the helicopters have not yet entered the area to investigate what is happening. The ceasefire has been in place since September, and both parties are supposedly observing it. Ukrainian military commander Col. Gen. Denys Zhadulko has put some responsibility on Russia for the current tension along the border.

By Anna Leopold

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