John Travolta compared Sarah Ferguson to Princess Diana in a ‘wild’ phone call

In a candid interview with Express, Sarah Ferguson made allegations that she was mistreated as a child, a circumstance that put her in a position of vulnerability she felt she had to use to her advantage.

Sarah, Duchess of York also detailed her dilemma when it came to her “old man” in the royals, saying she felt she had to be “in or out,” and that the only way she knew to achieve any sort of “respect” was to continue the “humiliation of this ‘old man’ who has discriminated against me my whole life.”

She also admitted to having a once-rocky relationship with her husband, Prince Andrew, saying that his poor fitness and appetite made him easy to “steal from,” adding that he was more concerned with fitness than marrying her. She added that their split came after a series of arguments about her partying, which they were both unable to stop. She said: “The playing field was level again, because he wasn’t having one of his anguished conversations where he would weep.”

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