‘Insecure’ Season 2 Episode 12: Episode 16 Recap

Story by Erin Lee Carr and Ashley Ramirez , for CNN

“Insecure” went from perennial bridesmaid in the television race to contender this season, but Sunday’s episode, “Ain’t No Doing,” proves it still has a ways to go.

1. Issa’s elaborate striptease to battle her fear of ridicule? You can’t make this stuff up.

2. Still want Issa to tell you she’s not crazy? Here’s Exhibit A to show you how true that is.

3. Could Toni still be coming for Issa? See above.

4. Can Cheryl cough up the goods on Lawrence? We know she has to resort to cutting up the profits from Cheryl’s shop in order to keep things afloat, but Issa can’t really trust any of this!

5. Can Issa balance her deliciously hyperbolic bad-girl persona with her real self? Uh… yes.

6. How in the world did Yamiko and Lawrence even get together?

7. Could the dissolution of Issa’s self-portrait technique — and whatever it was she planned — be because there was nothing left to paint?

We can only hope Issa and Molly have future epiphanies of their own, like:

8. Who in Yamiko’s family or neighborhood considered themselves the “bigmama” of Yamiko’s family and actually said it?

9. Will Issa ever find the words to express herself? Acknowledging feelings of inferiority is a good start.

10. If there’s anything more meaningful than the circle Tiffany is living in, it’s the circle of irony — including the one Issa thought was behind Tiffany, but who’s actually in front of her.

11. If the story of Toni or Cheryl saying “n—a” more than once is true (see above), how many times have we, as viewers, heard “n—a” — and not one time did we need to say “I’m sorry”?

12. How does Issa feel about her stand-up career? What’s next? Maybe we’ll never find out.

13. What, exactly, happened to that blindsided jab at the “f–king donut?” Is there a lesson here for Donald Trump? We’re sure Trump himself is having that one on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

14. What is Sweet Ish just waiting to sneak into Issa’s work lunch?

15. Issa’s doctor, sad to say, sounds very much like, “We all know what’s best for Issa, thank you.”

16. What does Issa have to do to get something done? The conversation from the season’s third episode may have been the best.

17. Why is Issa so embarrassed about her vacation, only to share it with yet another boy scout?

18. Was there really a plot line brewing between Issa and Harvey?

19. Do we need to talk about how badly some of Issa’s best friend characters haven’t contributed to Issa’s success?

20. Will Issa and Molly ever find an accurate life partner? Is maybe the answer her long-term therapist?

21. What happens when Issa finally has the goods on Yonathan, but doesn’t tell him? This all sounds super poetic and sunny and inscrutable, but we’ll see if it pays off, or becomes a red herring in Episode 11.

22. Where is Lawrence? If you asked us three episodes ago, we would have told you he had a very complicated future with Cheryl.

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