In the world’s deepest underground city, a plan for big projects

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

The explorer who goes barefoot, swims in crocodile-infested waters and faces wild tigers with a chainsaw can now add rolling stones and freshly fallen snow to his list of extraordinary achievements.

A man dubbed the undertaker discovered the improbable “City of Rocks” following a deadly landslide in April 2017. A cacophony of shrieking at least 50 different animals and insects, including hippos, leopards and porcupines, could be heard in the misty 100-foot-wide cave.

The uninhabited city is at the edge of Georgian mountain range. The desolate mountain area lay in the distance, alongside crumbling rocks and exposed shifting ground.

Though completely deserted, the cave is home to native animals including an Indian Bustard, Kangaroo, Bush Elephants, Southern Bush Hawks, Bull Cock, Tiger, Tiger Snakes, Caribou, Sea Goat, and hippopotamus.

“I could not fully understand the phenomenon, even though I have done many exploration trips in South Georgia. I had so many questions about it but I had never seen such amazing spectacle. People sometimes even visit this cave, but we locals never knew,” geologist Serhiy Tkachenko told CNN Travel

Fun trips to an unexplored unknown

When Tkachenko flew to the remote island, half way between mainland Russia and Antarctica, he says he was concerned by the dangerous climate.

“There are human beings and various kinds of animals in it, which is something I never really seen before. In fact, no human being and animal has ever been seen in these kind of places,” said Tkachenko.

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