Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff arrives in Germany after house arrest

Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, 63, arrived in Germany on Thursday from her home in the northern city of Rio de Janeiro after more than two years of house arrest.

Rousseff was sentenced in July to about 12 years in prison for breaking budget laws, and is due to start serving that sentence in the southern city of Curitiba.

The current president, Michel Temer, was Rousseff’s vice president for eight years. Their governments shared power until May 2017, when Rousseff’s aides accused Temer of illegally shredding budget laws, destroying state institutions, and creating an “armed coup d’état.”

The impeachment process began in late 2016, but became toxic when a corruption investigation around Temer came to light, surfacing previously unknown details of his alleged corruption.

The Petrobras scandal focuses on Brazil’s state-run oil company, which is accused of engaging in a massive corruption scheme. To cover up bribes and overpriced contracts, Rousseff’s allies allegedly doctored government budget documents, withholding funds from the balance sheet for public investment. Rousseff was considered an ally of the Workers’ Party (PT), which had ruled Brazil since 2003.

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