Female junior racing driver faces allegations of assault by her weight

A junior racing driver is in a London police station, under investigation for an alleged assault on a track. The anonymous 27-year-old, who has two less than 1.2-metre-long blades across her legs, crashed into a pole while driving without a training permit. Her speed-accelerating blades set off a F1 car alarm, making the ambulance require approval from the British racing championship (BBC). “The driver was fitted with a temporary license prior to the race because a specialist had indicated that the technology is safe. On Sunday, her licence was suspended, and she will not compete again for the remainder of the season until she has been revalidated,” a Formula Karts’ statement read.

The 2016 Great Britain Driver of the Year was racing in the Elite Drifts Race at Fulham Crown Casino, just outside London on Sunday.

The driver, who was riding in a van driven by two friends, was not injured. She told BBC that she will be racing again, despite the legal battle. “I am just disappointed, I don’t want to miss out on anything,” she said.

Courtesy BBC

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