Dictionary.com names ‘Allyship’ as 2018 words of the year

“Allyship” appears on the money on the 2017 words to watch list, as Dictionary.com names the word of the year for the year 2021.

In a statement, Dictionary.com founder William Fowler said this year the world has witnessed a bitter election campaign, withering hurricanes and the historic moment when, on a cable news show, the president wiped his hands with a used banana before admitting he had just used the term “inartfully.”

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“‘Allyship’ — or as some see it, ‘walking hand in hand’ — was one of the words of 2017 that resonated the most for the world we live in today. This term has seemed more relevant than ever. The news we read and the viral videos we see all manage to cover the shrinking middle ground, where the values most deeply felt are split. These are the times that call for a sense of common purpose. The words of our day shouldn’t make us feel better but instead ask us to examine the characters of those around us, and connect with them. ‘Allyship’ is really just a way of saying that it’s okay to be apart, to love and share in each other’s sorrows. It’s a simple idea that’s powerful and accessible,” Fowler said.

Fowler, author of The Language of Science: A Collection of Trends and Secrets in the Language of Science, has defined the word “allyship” for Dictionary.com since 2003.

“The word was selected this year because it arose through the talk of American political campaigns, as viewers around the world watched and listened to both sides on social media in the debates, conversations and statements of candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,” Fowler said.

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— Leigh Ann Caldwell contributed to this report.

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