Chanel apologizes for not-for-profit calendar, raises eyebrows with message of immigration, Christian dating

Chanel apologized to its customers on Monday after its not-for-profit calendar prompted online backlash from people who believed it was promoting the exploitation of young women.

In an online post from the fashion house, the company said the decision to put a white Chanel red cross on a calendar featuring scantily clad young girls was a “poor choice of words,” one which “did not convey the profound and sincere sentiments of Chanel.”

The calendar includes calendars with girls ages 5 to 14 next to black and Asian cultures next to symbols of Christian dating.

At first, the eyes of the Chanel diehards seemed to identify with Chanel, which they connected to how successful women of color are in the industry.

“I will never buy anything related to the team. All of these articles in regards to this issue please share. Our organization values diversity, in fact the color and cultures of each city reflect our diversity,” one audience member wrote.

“Not a racist idea really though. However, it does seem rather tone deaf. I love when designers think outside the box but with all of their feel good crap we wish them would think a bit more before they do something like this,” another audience member wrote.

But later on, the division between the craft-savvy and the fashion marketing arm erupted into a divide similar to the difference between soccer supporters and Italian champions.

After the calendar’s release, the Twitter popularity of #ChanelBlack and #ChanelAsian rose to 11,000 percent, with the hashtag catching fire on Saturday.

Chanel apologized again on Monday for a tweet posted on Saturday stating in Italian that the month’s “lives were bigger than walls.”

It was later deleted from the company’s Twitter page.

As a result of the backlash, the company eventually published a full written apology.

The family-friendly, romantic and humane calendar can be found on For $1,000 (a replica of the actual handbag on the Chanel website), the calendar includes a special Alain Ducasse cake.

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