Boston: City Council to vote on bill that strips Walsh of power to appoint committee chairs

City Councilor Ayanna Pressley will be introducing a resolution in the City Council that would strip Mayor Martin J. Walsh of his power to appoint committee chairpersons, citing Walsh’s ties to Suffolk Construction, which is facing allegations of illegally underbidding a fire station project.

The deal, which was awarded to Suffolk in August 2017, has already been challenged by four city-controlled labor unions, according to the Boston Globe.

The details of the deal remain unclear.

“Mayor Walsh’s history of avoiding accountability, the cozy nature of his relationships with the project’s developer, and his refusal to release key documents raise serious questions about the ethics and transparency of his actions in this instance and in the hundreds of other deals made by Suffolk over the last few years,” Pressley said in a statement.

Pressley said the resolution would encourage all of her fellow city councilors to agree that Walsh should be prohibited from appointing any committee chairmen until the outcome of the project’s investigation is known.

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