A question of food: What it feels like to eat all the junk you’ve eaten in the months before you went to Rio

charlie.bergman, long-suffering pop-music reporter

While you were busy making a new life for yourself in Australia, I went through an episode of peculiar reflux, a painful, persistent pain in my gut that I could not figure out. This was not the Norah Jones sort of discomfort that occurs when your body is filled with things not your own. Rather, it was as if bits of my intestines were popping up through my colon, like Stonehenge made of bowls. I discovered the source of the pain soon enough; I needed some aspirin and a garlic breath spray. I took these two drugs along with the usual handful of IV vitamins, and things cleared up in a hurry. The I couldn’t stop thinking about all the feeling of chewiness that this felt like. Which also made me think about all the eating I’d done in the preceding months and the trip to Rio to make a soundtracked music video — oops, wrong question — to my music.

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Here’s the 10-year anniversary episode of The Making of Stray Cat (may I say that I did not sleep well for at least 20 minutes a night for about nine weeks after the experience), so listen to that if you’re a fan, and, as a bonus, read or listen to that charming BuzzFeed story about the de-stigmatization of pet depression.

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