3 journeys that will shape our world

Weird things are rising from the Earth in earnest. Namely, solar farms. Commuters at the new Norman Foster-designed terminal at London’s Gatwick airport won’t be able to see them – the panels are hidden behind a ventilation stack – but by 2020 they’ll make up a quarter of the airport’s rooftops. This winter, the 2,200 solar panels on Grenfell Tower will start to produce enough power to supply 9,000 homes.

These shows tell the complete story of a transportation system built, driven and adapted by the forces of climate change.

And every part of the journey is bigger than it seems. Our time on the road is a seamless whole, unfolding across natural processes, human agency and socio-economic systems.

What lies behind the scenes, hidden from view? The making of Transport: a Rail Journey by Mary Wheeler, David Pennant and Susanna Gillibrand is a beautiful, provocative, and ultimately hopeful exploration of what is going on in rail and what it means to be the world’s most popular mode of transportation.

This is our weekly look at what’s happening in transportation, from the road and rail to the skies.

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